Mazovian Voivodeship

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Mazovian Voivodeship is the most populated and largest voivodeship on the administrative map of Poland.

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Mazovian regional products

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Regional products include products and foodstuffs produced in a particular region which is characteristic for them. The production, processing and presentation of a product take place in this region. Regional products include products with the Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication.

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Investment Areas

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What distinguishes Mazovian development offers? As indicated in the reports on the investment attractiveness of individual regions of Poland prepared by, among others, such institutions of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the Central Statistical Office (GUS), or Ernst & Young, Mazovia is one of the most attractive voivodeships in Poland.

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Out of the 10 pan-European transport corridors four cross through the territory of Poland, of which three cross through the area of Mazovia.

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Enterprises in Mazovia

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National Economy Entities registered in the National Register of Business Entities (REGON) at the end of 2010

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