Bureau of the Committee of the Regions

Bureau of the Committee of the Regions

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The current President of the European Committee of the Regions is Mr. Markku Markkula. 


The Bureau is the driving force of the European Committee of the Regions. It develops a political program of the Committee at the beginning of each term, oversees its implementation and coordinates the work of the plenary sessions and committee meetings. The Bureau meets seven times a year: before each of the five plenary sessions in Brussels and at two emergency meetings, each of which takes place in a Member State that is running a Presidency at the Council. As a political driving force of the Committee of the Regions, the Bureau reflects the pluralism prevalent in the Committee.

It consists of: a President, a First Vice-President and 28 other vice-presidents (one from each Member State) and the chairmen of political groups. Poland is represented by 3 members.

As in the case of the President, a term of the office of the Bureau lasts for two and a half years.


Information on the tasks of the Bureau and its current list of members

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