Coat of arms of Mazovia Voivodeship

Coat of arms of Mazovia Voivodeship

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The coat of arms of Mazovia Voivodeship has been adopted by the Council of  Mazovia Voivodeship (Sejmik of Mazovia Voivodeship) with a Resolution No. 90/06 of 26 May 2006 on the pattern of the coat of arms of MazoviaVoivodeship and the rules for its use. It represents a white eagle with a yellow beak and talons on a red background.


The coat of arms of Mazovia Voivodeship is a property of the Voivodeship and is legally protected. The right to use it have the voivodeship authorities and regional self-government organizational units, as well as other entities for identification or promotional purposes after filing a proper, written application to the Board of Mazovia Voivodeship that shall take, in a form of a resolution, a decision to consent.


The application should include:

The applicants data (name, surname, organization name, contact information);

Information specifying the manner and the extent of use of the coat of arms;

Basic information about the applicant (as an attachment to the application).


The application should be send by regular mail to the Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship or by e-mail:

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