Targets and tasks

Targets and tasks of Voivodeship Self-government

Since January 1st, 1999 more than 5 million inhabitants of Mazovia region, living in an area of 35.597 sq. km, became according to the law the regional self-government community. This community and territory of the voivodeship make up voivodeship’s self-government. To realize its tasks and use its rights, voivodeship’s self-government  has been equipped with a legal entity, the bodies of the Sejmik of  the Voivodeship and the Management Board of the Voivodeship.


The Sejmik is the decision making and controlling body and the Management Board is the executive body of the voivodeship. The bodies of the voivodeship’s self-government are elected by the citizens of the voivodeship in direct or indirect elections and they are fulfilling on behalf of the voivodeship’s citizens tasks and rights of the voivodeship self-government.


The basic task of the voivodeship self-government is to specify development strategy of the voivodeship as well as to conduct the development policy of the voivodeship. The development strategy of the voivodeship includes such aims as the cultivation of polish culture, the development and formation of national and civil consciousness of citizens, the stimulation of economic activity, the increase of economic competitiveness and innovations of the voivodeship, the preservation of values of cultural and natural environments, and the cultivation and preservation of spatial order.


The development policy of the voivodeship includes the creation of conditions for economic development, acquiring and connecting public and private finance means for the realization of tasks connected with public utility, the rational use of resources of nature, support for science development and cooperation of science and economy, support for technological progress, support for development of culture, as well as the protection and rational use of cultural heritage and the promotion of virtues and development possibilities of the voivodeship.